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Chad Beatty and Damari Embery, Christian Rappers, Members of GLM, God Level Ministries


Chad Beatty and Damari Embery, Christian Rappers, Members of GLM, God Level Ministries


Chad and Damari met in rehab in 2023. Most importantly, their friendship has brought them closer to God. In an effort to get clean from alcohol and illicit street drugs, they decided at church one day - and realized that God was the answer to their struggles. They quickly realized more people need to know about Jesus and what he can do for them. 

"Our mission is to give hope to the hopeless, to provide music with a positive outlook that also has a nice kick to it. Our music is faith-based and lines up with the principles of trying to live a fruitful life as a growing Christian. We bring real, raw talent and speak on our struggles that correlate to real world issues. Through trials and tribulations there’s always scripture that can help with whatever you're going through and we emphasize on how to apply that to your life. We are God Level Ministries."


Chad Beatty and Damari Embery, Christian Rappers, Members of GLM, God Level Ministries


"Hey, guys! I'm Damari (Diamond), a father of three. My love for my children brings a  feeling of  hope and vision. My recovery has been great in the past year and it’s something that I always wanted to do, but just couldn’t figure out how to heal right away. Through God, I now have enough will power or the belief in myself. He delivered me from my pain and struggles with alcohol, substance abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, abandonment, and my mental health. He taught me to be humble  and let me use my talents to praise him...


Now- with GLM in my life I can do what I love most, making music! Reaching others through GLM has allowed me to express myself in ways I couldn’t before without feeling ashamed of my identity. I no longer feel the pressure to hide who I am and my feelings. No friendship has compared to the true brotherhood of having Chad in my life. He has helped me find my way back through God and we related on our past traumas. God is at the forefront of our connection and praising Him in our lives makes us even more confident and strong."


Damari Embery, Christian Rapper, Member of GLM, God Level Ministries
Chad Beatty, Christian Rapper, Member of GLM, God Level Ministries

Hi, everyone! I’m Chad. I’m 25 years old and from Chillicothe, Ohio- a father of one, my beautiful daughter. Being a father has helped me learn not to give up, keep moving forward, and pursue the best version of myself and best life for my little one.


Growing up, I’ve struggled with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, alcohol, substance abuse, and overall my mental health. With God in my life, He has helped me overcome a lot of my struggles, teaching me to never give up. Most importantly, He let me know when you feel alone- you can always rely on Him. You can be proud of who you are and accept yourself as you are, becoming the best version of yourself.


God gave me the ability to utilize the talents that He’s given me and share my experiences with others. GLM has helped me achieve my dream of being a producer, sound engineer, and writer. Working with Damari has been great and he has been with me every step of the way… Being friends with Damari has been an amazing experience. He is someone I can be vulnerable with and has shown me the meaning of true friendship by being supportive. Through relatability, I believe God genuinely wanted us to meet and become lifelong friends in order to serve Him and His kingdom. 


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