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Chad Beatty, Christian Rapper, Member of GLM, God Level Ministries, Event In Parkersburg, West Virginia
Damari Embery, Christian Rapper, Member of GLM, God Level Ministries, Event In Parkersburg, West Virginia
God Level Ministries Event in Parkersburg, West Virginia
God Level Ministries - 'GLM' merch shirts


G.L.M. has impacted the streets and community through telling their testimony. Their effort in giving back is to help others in recovery that struggle with substance abuse, mindset, mental health, and more.  Most importantly, their overall mission is to spread the message of God's love, because that's what the world needs! Bringing communities together, saving people one by one, prayer for those who need it, and sending a message of hope is the impact of God Level Ministries.. 

Join us in fighting against sin, and bringing glory to God.



The initial album release, 'Holy Fire' is set to release in the first half of 2024, which will provide faith-based, clean music to communities across the globe, shining light on God and his love for others. There will also be upcoming performances for in-person fun and engagement!

Lastly, GLM is undergoing the process of becoming involved with recovery, substance abuse prevention, and evangelism in prison systems. This has been a passion from the beginning. Stay updated with us for more information on upcoming projects and ministry.

Connect with us!

God Level Ministries actively serves its communities by providing daily devotions on social media, performing local events, involvement in churches in various locations, and more.

Upcoming projects with GLM include the GLM podcast, which will build discipleship and inspiration for those in recovery. 



Fill out the form below and we will pray for you! We always want to leave resources available to everyone! Drop a prayer request so we can help you. :)

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